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Anarva Ayurveda Spa At Colomobo International Airport
Take the stress out of travelling and transform your experience of air travel.  The way to a great trip starts at the Anarva Ayurveda Spa at the Colomobo International Airport. Arrive early and head straight for the Spa. Here you will find complete relaxation and comfort; shake off jet lag and emerge totally refreshed for your journey.

Anarva (pronounced 'An-arvá), by Siddhalepa, is the leading Ayurveda Spa in Sri Lanka. Anarva means delightful and enticing in Sanskrit and is the ultimate in Ayurvedic spa treatment to restore your inner balance naturally.

The Spa and its range of treatment packages are specially designed for the frequent traveller, embracing the true essence of Ayurveda care.  It provides you with a sanctuary for relaxation and overall body care 24 hours a day.

Our spa products are formulated with traditional Ayurvedic ingredients combining authentic and traditional methods with new technology to pamper your mind, body and soul. Our therapists who are trained extensively under Ayurveda Expert Doctors at the Siddhalepa Ayurveda Health Resort and Siddhalepa Hospital, perform all massages.
Anarva Spa Treatments
Jet Set De-stresser - Head
Jet Set De-stresser - Head, Neck & Shoulders
Refreshing Face and Hand Ritual
Missed Flight Rescuer - Back & Shoulders
Frequent Flyer Foot Bliss
Long Layover Reviver - Body
Anarva Airport Spa
No. 39/D, Departure Transit Lounge
Colomobo International Airport
Katunayake, Sri Lanka
: +94-11-2736910

: +94-11-2735465